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"My stay at Misty Mountain has been a fantastic week. I loved the exercise sessions, the steam baths, and the breakfasts! I particularly found the advice about dietary choices and habits most useful. I shall certainly recommend the program to family and friends, and yes…I would do the program again!"

- Ben Waring

"Thank you to all the Misty Mountain staff! It’s been the ultimate privilege to be pampered and empowered by your caring and competent team. What an opportunity to be in the ‘wilderness’ with people who love to share their beautiful home. Sadly we can’t take your wonderful staff home with us! Our stay was absolute value for money. Thank you all once again!"

- The Clarkes

"Thank you all for the awesome time I had at Misty Mountain; I will cherish it always. I have lost about 4kg since being at Misty. I was so happy and since then I have lost another 1kg and another 2.5cms all over. So I am still losing weight and am feeling great. I am so happy – thank you so much for everything!"

- Leila Legler

"I came to Misty Mountain to detox after an intensive course of chemotherapy. When I first arrived I was feeling very low, my body was aching and I had no energy. Throughout the course of the week, the juice fasting followed by delicious, organic plant based meals, daily morning walks, afternoon steam baths and Pilates sessions led by the wonderfully caring, helpful and always-smiling staff, greatly facilitated my body’s ability to detox from the chemo drugs. My energy returned, my skin was clearer and by the end of the retreat I felt completely renewed, refreshed and vitalised."

- Rouba Palmer

"I came to Misty Mountain to help with post natal depression, anxiety and fatigue. I have experienced good improvement and I have been armed with tools to keep these improvements at home. My stay was life changing."

- Roshni

"The whole week was amazing! I found it unbelievably informative: I learnt things that blew my mind. The whole trip I've been inspired to live a healthier life and I made awesome friends with not only the guests but staff too. I will honestly never forget this experience."

- Cora Dunne

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