When my mother came back from Misty looking the healthiest she had in years, I knew I had to do the program too. The program at Misty Mountain is most inspiring and uplifting! Thank you Barbara for giving me the tools to improve my health and the general health of my family. The food, lectures, exercise, massage – everything was just what I needed.

Janell Williams


Thank you all for the awesome time I had at Misty Mountain; I will cherish it always. I have lost about 4kg since being at Misty. I was so happy and since then I have lost another 1kg and another 2.5cms all over. So I am still losing weight and am feeling great. I am so happy – thank you so much for everything!

Leila Legler


I just felt so great at the end of my week at Misty – I felt really awful when I arrived. I was addicted to sugar, coffee and alcohol. I believe I can stay off all of these. I just loved the environment – the creeks, the delicious food and the lovely staff. I am definitely coming back again – Misty Mountain is like a second home to me!



Thank you to all the Misty Mountain staff! It’s been the ultimate privilege to be pampered and empowered by your caring and competent team. What an opportunity to be in the ‘wilderness’ with people who love to share their beautiful home. Sadly we can’t take your wonderful staff home with us! Our stay was absolute value for money. Thank you all once again!

The Clarkes


Misty Mountain Retreat was nurturing, uplifting, relaxing, inspiring and life changing. In a pristine environment I was able to surrender the outside world and just immerse myself in the beauty that is Misty Mountain Health Retreat. It was a true blessing to receive such care from passionate staff committed to empowering their guests to take control of their own health. It is an amazing opportunity to rewrite the slate and honour our bodies allowing for optimum health.




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