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Welcome to Misty Mountain Health Retreat

Misty Mountain Health Retreat is more than a health retreat, it is a unique and empowering educational experience. Every day you will learn new things in a fun and happy environment.

Misty Mountain Health Retreat is nestled in the Nulla Nulla Valley NSW, just a short distance from the childhood home of Slim Dusty.

Join the thousands who have found freedom from chronic health complaints and experienced renewed vitality, weight loss and exciting new taste sensations through our health education program at Misty Mountain Health Retreat.

Discover new things at Misty Mountain Health Retreat as we provide interesting and life changing talks on health to make your stay the start of a healthier, happier and longer life.

You will emerge from Misty Mountain Health Retreat feeling renewed.

Contact Misty Mountain Health Retreat now on 02 6567 2221

“The warmth and camaraderie coming from the staff and spilling over to the guests is a great feature of Misty Mountain Health Retreat.” – Helen Girschik

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